Acquisition, Rehabilitation, Rental Financing Programs

Dragon Investors Realty provides all services necessary to the fix & flip/rehabilitation process. Once you have identified a property to improve, the next step is finding the money to acquire and improve it. See below for options.

RESIDENTIAL: DIR has access to a wide range of fix & flip financing programs that allow developers/fix & flippers to acquire and rehabilitate single family homes to be sold at a profit or immediately rented. We also have access to ground-up construction financing if you have land ready to build upon. These programs offer loan to cost percentages that can minimize cash investment and maximize leverage (up to 90% LTC) so you can do more or larger projects, as needed. Loans can be closed in as little as 7 days, although 21 to 30 days is typical. Rates vary with LTV, location, credit, and loan amount. Please use the form below or call us to discuss any current need.

COMMERCIAL: DIR also has access to multiple bridge loan sources to help commercial developers acquire projects for value-add, repositioning, or re-tenanting. These include multi-family, industrial, office, warehouse, and special use properties. Typical programs allow for interest reserves to cover debt service during non-income producing periods, rehab funds, and the possibility for extensions should the project take longer than expected.