Dragon Investors Realty (DIR) is a unique real estate services business focused solely on increasing value to existing improved real estate or land through rehabilitation or ground up construction. We look for both residential and commercial projects, catering to Developers in each space. We also seek money Investors who would like to participate in real estate improvement projects, but who have expertise in other areas and cannot afford the time to learn the business.

Dragon Investors Realty is a trade name for Craig Standish Higdon © LS, an American State National who has returned to the Common Law jurisdiction of the “land and soil.” This may result in a paradigm shift for Developers and Investors who are used to dealing with “entities” (LLCs, Corporations, LPs, etc.) as these are all constructs of the Sea Jurisdiction, subject to Admiralty Law.

American State Nationals don’t pay Federal income taxes (unless they happen to be Federal employees), don’t report to either of the Internal Revenue Services (there are two), don’t need to create multiple investment “entities,” and have a host of other benefits, having reclaimed all of their American Sovereign rights.

Intrigued? You can view the filings necessary to become an American State National here. We also conduct seminars on the fix & flip/value-add process that feature information on becoming an American State National, click here for upcoming dates. Finally, you can learn more about what it means to be an American State National here.