Deal-Making, Properties, Financing, and Equity for Residential and Commercial Improvement Projects

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Dragon Investors Realty

Dragon Investors Realty (DIR) is an American State National owned & operated company that is focused on helping the residential fix and flip/commercial rehab investor/developer. We provide a deal-making Marketplace for developers and investors to meet, acquisition/sale brokerage, acquisition/improvement/rental financing, and equity syndication services. Members get access to the Marketplace where they can post and review new rehab candidates and get discounts on services/products from approved vendors in the Vendor Directory.

No Taxes

DIR is an American State National (ASN) owned & operated business. ASNs are constitutionally protected citizens and are not obligated to pay income and other taxes. You must be an ASN to do business with Dragon, so click here to benefit & change your status.

Deal Market

Developer and Equity Investor Members get access to a Deal-Making marketplace where developers post opportunities for investors to review and fund.


DIR will assist in finding, acquiring, selling, and renting upgradeable residential and commercial properties for its Developer members.


We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, organization, and quality handiwork every time. 


We work with designers to produce top notch work. Call today and we’ll bring our project extensive construction experience to your next project.


Let’s Start Your Next Project

Find a property to rehab, get financing to acquire and improve it, and get investors to be your partners…